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Iris van Wijhe

+31 (0) 6 4210 1055

laGarçon_unDrEssed3+ is a band that’s sooo BADDDASSS calling them just badass would be insulting!

the laGarçon_unDrEssed3+ threesome exists of Roralje Ruun (guitar, bass, synth, vocals), Bart Rijnink (synths/keys, live-beats, vocals) and Eva Laurenssen (samples, synths, vocals).

They create a loud live-mixture of dutch/english R&B-dance-funk-soul-Zappa=crazyness which’ll throw you over tha bAlcoNy into the swiMmingpoOl (if there is one).

laGarçon_unDressed3+ have jammed-out audiences @ many summer-festivals like Solar Weekeind, Concert at Sea, Fields of Joy, de Uitmarkt Amsterdam & de Parade.

This summer (2019) laGarçon_unDrEssed3+ will be doing 1 live-gig only at the Gentse Feesten (Pole Pole STage).

this year they’re focussing on re-inventing themselves, creating their video-experiment called “laGarçon_unDrEssed3+ - SeasonOne” and recording an album which is also called “SeasonOne” which will probably come out in the winter of 2019.

Rory Ronde

Bart Rijnink

Eva Laurenssen